The Association

The Miners Association of Nigeria (MAN) is a National Industry Association whose diverse membership (Over 4000) includes entities and individuals that are directly involved in mineral resources exploration and exploitation in Nigeria. MAN membership comprises of exploration, quarry, and mining companies. It also encompasses services and Consultancy firms that relate to mining sector.

At inception in 1944, the Association was called the Association of African Miners and it was meant to protect the interest of the African mine workers. Later in its history after the independence, it transmuted into an association of Nigerian Mine Owners which later changed its name to Miners Association of Nigeria in 1993. It is the umbrella body of all other trade and industry associations in the mining industry.

Mission: To move mining activities to greater height in which operators would be empowered to mine with ease for the betterment of mining industry, wealth creation, and employment generation in Nigeria.

Vision:  To positively engage the Government to provide enabling environment for mining activities to strive.


Mining Association of Nigeria (MAN) is the only business association in the mining industry that is well structured to capture all categories of miners in Nigeria. Gem Stones Entrepreneur Association of Nigeria, Dimension Stones Association of Nigeria, and Association of Miners and Processors of Barite, are all members of MAN.  The Association is governed by elected executives of eight officers and is made up of Thirty-Two (32) state chapters.

MAN is a very responsible Association of mine owners which include Artisanal and Small Scale Miners, Quarry operators, Traders of Mining products, etc. The Association has been collaborating with the Ministry of Mines and Steel Development and its agencies to achieve every success in the ongoing reform initiative of the Government. It is also into robust synergy with other Government Agencies and International Community through their Embassies, to collaborate/partner with our indigenous operators (members) so as to harness the minerals potential of the country.